You to Me

Formally known as 121

I believe the term, “You to Me” is much more friendly than the corporate numbers of 121!  I used to get myself in such a “tiz” with 121 in my corporate work life. I disliked that tummy churning on the lead up to the day of my 121 and felt physically sick, 100% I hated them!  Anyone else agree?  

I adore working face to face with clients, so much so, I have created a relaxed way of working with clients called You to ME.  In my opinion, you can not beat in person meet ups, working on specific subjects and focused working.

You are your own boss/CEO/Founder of your own business, we do not have to adopt all the corporate bumph/bumf and terminology, especially the terms and phrases that do not serve us.

Is it time for you to unlock your potential with personalised solutions?

I understand that one size doesn’t fit all!

That is why I am proud to offer tailored solutions that align with YOUR unique needs and aspirations.  You can join me to work You to Me for an hour, a day or a period of time.  I am flexible in my approach to your needs.

Why choose Katie Page Businessology?

I recognise that your journey is distinct and unique. My approach revolves around understanding your individual circumstances, challenges, and goals. From the moment you step in , expect strategies tailored to your success.

Achieving your goals requires more than just a plan – it takes dedication, action taking, and accountability . Working with me you are never on this journey alone. I am walking alongside you, offering support and guidance every step of the way.

It is not just about setting goals, it’s about setting the right ones. I will work closely with you to define intentional goals that ignite your passion and drive. Together, w chart a course towards remarkable outcomes that resonate with your vision.

The Benefits Await:

Unlike cookie-cutter solutions, our strategies are tailored to your unique circumstances. Your success is t the heart of what I do.

We’re invested in your journey. Our accountability ensures that you stay on track, even when the going gets tough.

Your goals aren’t arbitrary, they are intentional. I help you set targets that reflect your aspirations and inspire lasting growth.

I bring years of experience to the table. With my guidance, you will make informed decisions and embrace growth opportunities.

This isn’t just about the short-term. I am here to drive lasting transformation that propels you towards a future of unlimited potential.

Are you ready to transform your future?

Discover how my tailored solutions, unwavering accountability, and intentional goal setting can elevate your journey.

My “You to Me” packages come in al shapes and sizes to suit your business, tailored to your needs and vision.

     POWER Hour


     MAGICal Experience Day

     ULTIMATE Experience 

To name just a few. ALL packages start with a Create a Connection Call.

Embrace a path that’s uniquely yours with me and Katie Page Businessology.

Unlock your potential today by booking a "Create a Connection" Call

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My Create a Connection Call with Katie allowed me to see what working with Katie could be like. She is relatable and offers great advice, showing you different perspectives and ways of looking at things that you may not have considered.
Chris Stempien
I have worked with Katie many times over the years, I've really appreciated her coaching and mentoring style, helpful, wise, experienced but also not afraid to give me a gentle kick up the bum when I'm standing in my own way.
Claire Odd
The You to Me mentoring gave me the confidence to move forward with my business via social media. Katie knew instinctively just what I needed, and i can honestly say without it I’d still be in a tizz.
Alison Savage