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Katie Page

For those of you who have not worked with me before I am Katie Page, Reflexologist, Reflexology Mentor, and Author.

I have been a Reflexologist since 2005.  I trained with Martyn and Wendy Finke, at the Three Shires School of Reflexology in 2004.

I am still a hands-on therapist, specialising in Reflexology.  I love working on the Feet and Face.

Late in 2020 I decided I wanted to give back to Reflexologists.  I started Katie Page Businessology, to put the Business into Reflexology, and running a Holistic Therapy business.  As well as giving guidance and mentoring to Reflexologists and Holistic Therapists on the business side of therapy.

Katie Page Businessology is here to help you find a firmer footing in your journey to becoming awesome Reflexologists, Holistic Therapist and Business Owners.

It is my belief we are not taught enough about the business side of being a therapist.

Let alone all the Social Media platforms and creating themes, subjects, and content to attract new clients and keep them engaged.

I love sharing my knowledge with others. I love seeing other Reflexologists and Holistic therapists create more healthy and business approaches to their self-care routines and their businesses.

Why choose me as your Mentor, I have been in your footprints!

As someone who has been in your shoes and is still a practicing Reflexologist I take those footsteps with you on your journey. I know and understand, first-hand how it feels to firstly qualify with no clue and then attempt to get by, wing it, for a few years.

I am grateful I had some business knowledge and good organisation skills from my previous careers and my father BUT I can assure you certainly not enough to create the footpath to a successful, amazing, and profitable business that I am growing now.

I openly share with you, since qualifying back in 2005, I have made LOADS of mistakes and have tripped over my feet on more than one occasion! Looking back on these some make me laugh and some make me cringe. I am willing to share these with you so that you do not make the same “First Attempts In Learnings”

But then… the realisation dawned on me, I needed to learn this “business stuff”, and so for the last 4 years I invested in learning the business side!

I have invested in myself and my business so that I can do all the right things in the first instance, I can create tech and I have the confidence to share my knowledge with you.

Whilst I love being a therapist here is a little more about me so you get to know me and my values.

I was born in Cyprus

I had more “homes” in the first 8 years of my life than the rest of it!

I trained to be a Secretary and worked as a PA

I have had back issues since the age of 14

I believe in wishes coming true

I adore early morning walks

I love watching the sunrise 

My happy place is being on a beach or near water

I walk most days

I love taking photographs

Connecting with nature is a passion

I believe in self care

I have been married twice

Chris is my solemate

I love holidaying in Turkey

Socialising with my friends makes me happy

Vodka is my tipple, and I’ve been known to enjoy a cocktail or two

I enjoy Rugby

I have a season ticket at Northampton Saints Rugby.

You quite often find me at the weekends on the side of a rugby pitch

I am a qualified TAG rugby coach

I am a Reflexologist and Author

I am a slow burner

I love sparkles and a hugger

I love cooking

I have a great sense of humour

I love a risky joke

I am loyal and trustworthy

Katie page

I flew on my own to Thailand

I attended my first retreat

I fed an elephant

I visited James Bond Island

At the end of 10 days I had 4 new business buddies.  We call ourselves “The Phuket Posse”

The Katie Page who went to Thailand never came home

I found myself

I’ve experienced burnout

I had 15 operations in 3 years

I’ve rebuilt my business 3 times

I had chicken pox at age 32

I struggle with my weight

I am body conscious

I’ve experienced depression

I’ve made loads of mistakes and tripped over my own feet

I want to give back to reflexologists

I’m here to help reflexologists find that firmer footing in their business

I love sharing my knowledge with others

Why choose me as your mentor?  I’ve been in your shoes!

I’ve invested in myself.  Is it time you did too?

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