Unlock the MAGIC of 'You to Me' Working

The BEST investment you can make,
is an investment in yourself!

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Since I invested in myself back in 2018, I have had the support and friendships from mentors, memberships, and masterminds. All these ways of investing in myself have been amazing.

As I aways say, I am giving back to the therapists who connect with me, my knowledge, and business thoughts. I have created a MAGICal Experience Day which are 100% just You to Me.


Meaningful work tailored especially for you

Accountability to enable you to stride forward with confidence and self-belief.

Growth for both you and your business.

Intentional working You to Me, for your business, for your future is powerful and inspiring.

Clarity, focus and excitement for your fabulous journey ahead of you.

"How much do you think we will achieve?!"

We will work today from 10am til 4.30pm, time out for lunch and some fresh air, and if you focused and have done your questionnaire, had your calls, then my answer is LOTS!

Is the MAGICal Experience for you?

Everyone can include a little MAGIC into their life.

We are all busy, working smarter is the key!

Boundaries are great to help beat the overwhelm.

We all lose our sparkle, it’s recognising this and planning to renew the sparkle and magic.

Growth is the key to success.

Creating boundaries to enable you to work less but earn more?

Booking a MAGICal Experience Day is for those who:

Do not WANT to take a course over a period of weeks
as they prefer to work ‘You to Me’ for personal development

Would find it overwhelming in a group setting so choose bespoke mentoring

Would love the opportunity to work face to face
as they dislike social media and online meeting platforms

Would like a helping hand with connecting
with their audience but not sure what direction to choose

Are unable to take time away from their usual routine but can take
a day out specifically for them, to focus on the business side of therapy

Are finding working a chore and have forgotten how to be MAGICal and sparkle

What's included?

Venue hire, Lunch or Afternoon Tea, soft drinks, teas and coffees,
Katie’s travel costs up to £100 (e.g., for international travel)

What do I need to bring and what should I expect to happen?

  • Bring with your your iPad or Laptop, charge and mouse

  • Prior to your day you will have completed your onboarding form and you will have had a short MAGICal pre-conversation with me

  • I will have mapped out the day into an outline plan of actions and conversations to help you achieve all that is on your onboarding form and shared this with you

  • I will book a pre-book location, either a corporate space in a hotel or a remote working space from 10am

  • I will be with you from 10am til 4:30pm

  • During your MAGICal Experience Day, I will be totally dedicated to YOU and YOUR business, no distractions and deviations, unless pre-advised in advance

~ MAGICal Day ~ I would highly recommend Katie – she’s so passionate about what she does and will do everything she can to help you achieve your goals. She’ll help you to grow in business and as a person – she genuinely wants to see you excel.

Chris S @bodyandsoultherapy

The MAGICal day helped me create a plan to implement new treatments and plan a marketing strategy for a new initiative. With Katie’s help I was also able to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.
Micheala Frizelle