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Have you ever Mentor to help you with the business side of being a Therapist?

I can only say from my own experience.  I started using mentors and coaches in 2018/19 and it is like having a business confidante, I have not looked back and my business has grown annually.

A mentor is a person to be

  • trusted and have by your side
  • to be your sounding board
  • there for you to help find a sturdier footing in your business life
  • guide you on your journey to grow your business knowledge.

I have been extremely lucky to have found some amazing coaches to help me with my growth and change of direction.

Why should I have a Business Mentor?

Holistic Therapists, specifically Reflexologists work alone, and I know, this can be challenging.  Especially when you are feeling stuck in a rut, not sure what to do or simply want to grow your business but unsure as to what your next step is.

Having qualified in 2005 I have knowledge in business, the experiences and a network of knowledgeable contacts to be able to help you make those footprints on a new journey.  I will help you with new energies and thoughts to help you move your business forward.

Whether you are starting your journey, feeling stuck, maybe lacking in confidence to take your business forward to the next stage, or lacking in knowledge of where to go take the next step; I know, working with a Business Mentor can make that step into the unknown easier, create a huge transformation to how these changes can occur and the results.

How can Business Mentoring help?

I can only tell you from my experiences.  I have grown my business from a client point of view and from a financial view.  I am a natural action taker, so I listened, thought about and actioned anything my coaches say if it suited me and my business.  Having a mentor helps me have the business and tech support I need to see the future with clearly defined goals.  I made time in my day and week to make these steps become a reality.

Being a Business Mentor I am here to help support you and your business with setting your goals, understanding your ideals clients, your wobbles, struggles and dithers as well as your highs, wins and realising your dreams.

Being a hands-on therapist as well as a mentor, I fully understand the challenges we face.  I know from my own business, working alone can be isolating.  I do not want you to feel low, maybe disheartened and not knowing where to turn to for advice.  I promise, I will be here to support you and make you become accountable for your actions.  On occasions, you might not like what I say but it will be said with love and accountability.

I will commit to you by:

  • Empowering you to embrace accountability
  • Providing steadfast support, attentive listening, gentle encouragement, and a mudge forward when needed
  • Offering a fresh perspective and attentive ear to your business endeavors
  • Guidling you towards the realisation of your aspirations
  • Suppliy alterative perspectives, innovative ideas to guid you, while helping maintain focus on your journey
  • Offering diverse footsteps and innocative ideas to guide you, while helping maintain focus on your individual journey
  • ensuring your focus remains steadfast on your distinct and unique path and journey

I still run my own successful health and wellness business, specialising in Reflexology.  I can assure you I know the challenges you will be faced with and will be able, to support you with a vast range of business thoughts and ideas.

Working together so that you can achieve the best results for your business.

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Be a part of an amazing group of Reflexologists wishing to Find their Feet in the business world of being a Reflexologist

Want to know more?  Would you like to work with Katie more?

Finding My Feet Membership

This is where Reflexologists find a firmer footing in their Reflexology Businesses.  

All buildings have footings!  I have created the Finding My Feet Membership to encourage and support Reflexologists find their footings in the business world of being a Reflexologist.

I affectionately call all the Reflexologists within the membership “Footlings”

Footlings Membership

Why have I decided to take the step and start up a membership group?

I was very aware of things from when I started in business that I know now that I would have liked others to have helped me with and mentored me.  I am wanting to:

  • Give back and offer something I would have loved when I was starting out.  
  • Work out a cost-effective way for reflexologists to be able to work with me without a ‘big’ investment.
  • I missed out and I do not want others to.

I hope you find it an amazing experience and opportunity to work directly with me and other likeminded Reflexologists and Guest Speakers…

Finding My Feet Membership

Being inside the membership is THE place to be if you are a Reflexologist who wants more in for her Reflexology business, to hang out with likeminded Reflexologists who understand the juggles of running your business and balancing home life, sometimes it’s tough and we just need a sounding board and a friendly chat.

Benefits of becoming a Footling:

  • Cheerleading our community
  • Support and camaraderie from other likeminded Reflexologists and ME!
  • Monthly Live trainings
  • Weekly Drop in Clinics – 15 minutes
  • Monthly Q&A support
  • Monthly Self care days
  • Accountability
  • Challenges
  • Hints, Tips and Ideas for Content
  • Encouragement to make your own footprints on your journey
  • 10% off all Courses over £150.00

All the above for £34.99 per month or an annual payment of £349.00

Is this the Membership for you?  I ask you this…  

If you are wanting additional support in your Reflexology business from likeminded businesswomen who understand the challenges of running a business and want to see you create new footsteps to ensure your business grows then Finding My Feet is the membership is for you.

Why join the Finding my Feet Membership and become a Footling? Here are some testimonials from our current members:

Podcast Guest appearances

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Becoming a Footling and to launch a membership for Reflexologists was a vision of mine in October 2019.  Way back then, I was dreaming of creating a community of female reflexologists, professionals, that were all supporting and cheering each other on to find their feet in the business world of being a Reflexologist.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your Reflexology career or have been a Reflexologist for a few years, this is a membership for any Reflexologist wherever they are on the business footing.

I am creating a non-judgemental group of likeminded Reflexologists to help each other where you can chat, banter, encourage and cheerlead over a cuppa or a glass of fizz!

Becoming a “Footling” will give you a safe space to build your confidence, create new friendships, have the support of likeminded Reflexologists, to share knowledge, to create new opportunities, to plan your future, to collaborate with others, and watch your footsteps as your business grows.


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