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Katie Page Businessology helps Reflexologists and Holistic Therapists find a firmer footing in their journey to becoming awesome and confident business owners.

It is my belief, that we are not taught enough about the business side of being a Holistic Therapist.  Let alone, all the social media platforms, themes, subjects and content to attract new clients and keeping them engaged.

Late in 2020, I decided I wanted to give back to  Holistic Therapists and I started Katie Page Businessology to give guidance, encouragement, and mentoring to Holistic Therapists on the business side of being a holistic therapist.

Personally, I have been a Reflexolgist and Holistic Therapist since 2005.  I am still a hands on therapist, specialising in Reflexology.  I still love being a hands on therapist and I love sharing my knowledge with others.

It brings me great pleasure and pride to see other Reflexolgists, and Holistic Therapists create a more healthy and business approach to their businesses.

My Mission:

To help you build your business with firm business footings so you can grow and scale your success business with the boundaries in place that you deserve.  I help you achieve the focus and flexibility you deserve without the burn out.  

I am motivated to help you achieve your dreams.

When you create the balance, focus on the purpose and have the determination to succeed you will. 

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Understanding the focus on WHY you want to what you want to do and the HOW you want to achieve it and the WHO you want to work with to achieve your business vision.


Results come through hard work!  When you know the what you want, when you want it and how you are going to achieve it, the results are in your reach to achieve.


Belief in yourself and your business are how you create the POSITIVE and SOLID foundations for your business. Accomplishing this element is ground breaking.

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I love connecting with others and I reguarly share my knowledge with my audience because I want them to achieve and not fall down the rabbit holes I did and have done as a therapist.  All the connections I make through my website, facebook groups and other connections start with a “Create a Connection” call.

No discovery call, no disco call, but simply said as a Create a Connection call as this is what we will be doing.

Creating a Connection is key for building  a supportive and enriching envirronment for both personal and professional spheres of life.

Strong connections contribute to happiness, success and a sense of fulfillment.

Connections help with Collaborations, Networking, Communication, Growth and Learning, Emotional support, Community Strength, Problem Solving

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What others are saying about Katie Page Businessology

Everyone needs a Katie! Like many of us, my Reflexology course had very little focus on the ‘business’ side of running a business. This meant that I often felt overwhelmed and out of my depth in the early days. Working with Katie has given me the confidence to really put myself out there, and push towards my goals to grow and develop my business.
Michelle McCue
Thank you, Katie, for a fantastic course. I enjoyed Awesome Footsteps as I love learning and challenging myself, especially if I can then use that learning to improve my life and my business.I would recommend Awesome Footsteps if you want to dive deep into your business, get super focused and motivated to take your business forward.
Micheala Frizelle
I have been working with Katie on several occasions. I love everything she offers! I have done several of her masterclasses, am a member of the footlings membership and recently completed the Awesome Footsteps program. Everything Katie offers is amazing and has such high value. I have really noticed the growth in my mindset, self care and business through all her offerings.Thank you Katie!
Sarah Szwakob

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