Unlock Your Potential With 'You to Me'

The power of a face to face chat is SO much more powerful than a message, text, or voice note.

At Katie Page Businessology, Katie believes in the transformative power of personalised collaboration.

My ‘You to Me’ approach brings together your unique aspirations and our expertise tot create a dynamic partnership that propels you towards success.

Explore my range of offerings of my ‘You to Me’ packages that come in all shapes and sizes to suit your business, tailored to your needs and vision.



MAGICal Experience Day

ULTIMATE Experience

Why choose 'You to Me' Working?

Your journey is unique, and so are your goals. My ‘You to Me’ approach ensures that every solution is tailored to your specific needs, fostering a powerful partnership designed for your success.

Short on time but big on impact, my Power Hours offer concentrated and laser-focused sessions to tackle specific challenges, provide guidance, and spark insights that lead to immediate progress.

Maintaining momentum can be a challenge. My Accountability Quarters provide consistent support, guidance, and goal tracking, ensuring you stay on track and achieve steady growth.

Unleash a full day of transformation with our MAGICal Day Packages. Dive deep into strategy, planning, and skill-building, all tailored to your needs, resulting in a day of accelerated progress. 

Elevate your growth journey with my Ultimate Experiences. Designed for comprehensive transformation, these immersive sessions combine personalised coaching, strategy, and actionable steps to catapult your progress.

The Benefits Await:

Our personalised approach ensures that every session is tailored to your needs, resulting in meaningful progress that aligns with your unique goals.

Power Hours deliver quick and impactful solutions, addressing immediate challenges and providing actionable insights to drive progress.

Accountability Quarters provide the ongoing support and structure you need to maintain consistent growth, leading to sustainable success.

MAGICal Day Packages and Ultimate Experiences offer immersive and concentrated transformation, giving you the tools to leap ahead.

With my expert guidance, you are not alone on your journey. Benefit from my experience, knowledge, and insights to make informed decisions.

Experience the POWER of
'You to Me' Working

Where your unique aspirations and my expertise collide to CREATE a journey of nuparalleled growth.

Transform your journey with ‘You to Me’ working.

All packages start with a Create Your Connection Call.

Book today to take the first step. Let us connect to assess which 'You to Me' package is best for you.

I have worked with Katie as my business mentor on a number of occasions. I have also engaged in her workshops particularly one on social media, which I found so useful and helpful as I was never very organised with this part of my business. Katie’s help and encouragement have helped get me out of my comfort zone and my social engagement has never been better. Thank you Katie so much, I cannot recommend you highly enough.
Jo Waterford
Thank you Katie for the opportunity to win an amazing Power Hour prize.

Lovely to connect and thank you for the helpful tips to use for my business especially with some imminent down time coming
Lorraine Grove
I just wanted to say a big thanks to Katie. I took advantage of a special offer she ran last year and have had 4 one to one sessions with her. These sessions have been amazing and varied, focusing primarily on my business potential and launching a new service.

They've helped me to see the direction that I need to take to make my business a success. Thank you Katie!
Rachel Crompton