Relax and Evolve Retreats
Relax & Evolve

A place where you can Relax, Evolve, to enable you to grow your business. 

Katie Page and Sarah Bromham firmly believe that you can take time out of your business to RELAX whilst working on your business and allowing yourself and your business to EVOLVE.

Why can they share this with you

They have done this themselves and seen the amazing transformation it allowed.

Katie and Sarah’s paths are quite different but very similar.  They Yin and Yang each other, just don’t decide which is which, its changes. Their thoughts mirror each other, and, on several occasions, they finish each other’s sentences. 

Why choose us to hold your hand on this journey

In 2020 prior to lockdown Katie and Sarah were in the same membership group, Katie asked for the business buddies, Sarah accepted the “challenge”.  They have worked together ever since.  In one of the initial conversations, they both said they wished to run retreats in the future, and now they are.

3pm on a Friday was during Lockdown was their time, they spoke about everything! They laughed, cried, had fun, brainstormed, put the worlds to rights and mo.  Most of all they connected.

Here they are 2 years later, after a lot of mind mapping, planning and “are we doing the right thing moments” set out in 2022 their joint business venture.  Relax & Evolve.

Catch ups are now early 3 weeks of so but still happen.  As we approach Retreat time we will meet up and talk much more.

Holding hands
Our Vision
  • To build a community of likeminded female entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry
  • To share the importance of selfcare in your business
  • To inspire female entrepreneurs to achieve more
  • To provide a supportive, safe and non-judgemental space
  • To collaborate

They understand that emotionally, physically, and mentally that we all need to give ourselves a break, a change of thought, to find a new environment, to embrace new thought patterns.  

Collaboration over competition?

Connections and Networking are key for our business to succeed, they openly encourage you to make connections, collaborate and network at all their events.


Katie is a Reflexologist, Business Mentor, Author and Founder of the Equinox Box. Katie has her feet firmly planted and is embracing the pleasure of helping like-minded Reflexologists enhance their business knowledge and create solid foundations in their business.

Katie knows what it’s like not to invest in herself!  In 2012 she had chicken pox which resulted in her having to have 9 months off work, plus returning to work part time – all due to post-viral syndrome caused by debilitating tiredness.  Katie now manages her rest time and work time to ensure the balance is maintained. 

In 2019 Katie re-invested in herself again and with the help of her then Coach, she discovered Journaling, Meditation, Silence, Forest Bathing, Exercise, she loves a sunrise!  Katie ensures she get her time outside and for herself to help main her wellbeing.


Sarah is a Therapist and Author with over 15 years’ experience in the Health and Wellness industry.  Before her journey into the industry, she worked as a PA in an architectural practice, and customer services / marketing in different industries.

Like many therapists she came into the wellness field after experiencing the huge personal benefits of treatments and discovering a love of holistic treatments. Sarah works 1:1 with clients from her treatment room in Berkshire, combined with teaching therapies, lifestyle mentoring, running workshops and retreats – all connected with helping others obtain and maintain a healthy outlook and lifestyle.

After having two children and a break from the therapy world, she returned to work and completely empathises with others who are doing the childcare juggle whilst running their day to day lives – both therapists and clients.

Are you ready to step out and step up
  • They have carefully planned Relax & Evolve to give you all the steps so that is exactly that, a place to help you, Relax & Evolve
  • Their wish is that you “bathe” yourself in the visions of Relax & Evolve and soak up all we have to offer.
  • Your creativity will be refreshed, and your business and your “sole” will benefit from what they offer you

Our question to you is:

Are you ready to gift yourself time and energy to come away from your busy world to concentrate on yourself and your business in equal proportions?

How can we say this

As you can tell from the above, Katie and Sarah embrace the importance to Relax & Evolve.  They understand how you may be feeling.  

They have been there!

Between them they have experienced burn out, exhaustion and fatigue. 

They empathise with you and share with you how they overcame their own hurdles, dodged the curved balls, and embraced selfcare.

They have invested in themselves with personal Coaches, attended Masterminds & Retreats and undertaken a great wealth of learnings to be able to create their vision of Relax & Evolve.

2024 Retreat Dates

Weekend Retreat – 17th May 2024

A weekend exploring business, relaxation, networking and fun

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I found the day was pitched at the perfect level! I was worried for no reason! I have really learnt so much, and it has been good to work on personal reflection and work progression.

I am leaving inspired and extremely motivated. 



Today exceed my expectations, all I can say is, Wow!

Today was perfect for me.  I really thought about my personal values, which I can use going forward in business. Inspiring

Helped me understand and get clarity my “Why”, thought provoking



Katie and Sarah are a great team! They have worked so hard for us and it showed. I am really grateful.  I learnt a lot about myself!

It was great to actually meet my mentor, Katie. She is even better in real life! 

This was very encouraging, my confidence has grown, and I’m so motivated in my business 

Michelle F


Not being in the world of complementary therapy I have thoroughly enjoyed my day. 

It has given me a lot of food for thought for the future and my new paths

I am so looking forward to seeing which path I now want to take and embrace my positive future.



The Day Retreat exceeded my expectations.  Definitely worth attending and investing.

I learnt so much about myself and how to improve my business going forward 

I thoroughly enjoyed my day.