Time Blocking workshop

Making Time to Balance your Business and Life


Join me for an interactive and fun workshop.  

Are you always saying I would love to do that, but…  I don’t have time! Sigh…

This could be the workshop for you!

I hear in my Footlings membership and from business colleagues…

  • I don’t have time for this,
  • How do you get time to do this,
  • Blimey you are so business I don’t know how you balance it all!

I have decided to share, once again, an insight into my world.

Do you: 

  • Struggle getting everything done?
  • Regularly say I haven’t got time for this!
  • Feel you are chasing your tail?
  • Falling behind with your Accounts?
  • Paperwork is building up around your ears!

Then maybe this workshop is the one for you!

The webinar will be fun and interactive.  No hiding behind a screen as I am aiming for you to create an outline plan during the workshop!

All this and quite probably more for the small charge of £25.00

Join me on zoom on

Tuesday 11th January at 8pm

Let’s set your diaries up to balance your home, business and self care!

Consistency is the key


Jan 11 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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