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Katie Page Businessologyhelps Reflexologists ad Holistic Therapists find a firmer footing in their journey to becoming awesome business owners.

It is my belief we are not taught enough about the business side of being a Reflexologist or Holistic Therapist, let alone, all the social media platforms, themes, subjects and content to attract new clients and keeping them engaged.

Late in 2020, I decided I wanted to give back to Reflexolgists and I started Katie page Businessology to give guidance, encouragement, and mentoring to Reflexologists and holistic therapists on the business side of being a holistic therapist.

Personally, I have been a Reflexolgist and Holistic Therapist since 2005.  I am still a hands on therapist, specialising in Reflexology.  I still love being a hands on therapist and I love sharing my knowledge with others.

It brings me great pleasure and pride to see other Reflexolgists, and Holistic Therapists create a more healthy and business approach to their businesses.

My Mission:

To help you build your business with firm business footings so you can grow and scale your success business with the boundaries in place that you deserve.  I help you achieve the focus and flexibility you deserve without the burn out.  I am motivated to help you achieve your dreams.

When you create the balance, focus on the purpose and have the determination to succeed you will.  


Understanding the focus on WHY you want to what you want to do and the HOW you want to achieve it and the WHO you want to work with to achieve your business vision.


Belief in yourself and your business are how you create the POSITIVE and SOLID foundations for your business. Accomplishing this element is ground breaking.


Results come through hard work!  When you know the what you want, when you want it and how you are going to achieve it, the results are in your reach to achieve.

Create a Connection

Create a Connection calls are FREE for Holistic Therapists business owners who want to take amazing steps in their business.

Are you an action taking holistic therapist, wanting help with your amazing business?

It’s doesn’t matter where on your journey you are as long as footsteps are being made.

I’m so passionate about helping you Focus, Believe AND Achieve the success you totally deserve.
And I know this session will transform your life.

ALL you have to do is  click the buttom and book yourself in for a complimentary 45 minute call to help you Create a Connection with me

Awesome Footsteps

Is it time to create INSPIRATIONAL visions for your business?  

Would you like to have CLARITY in your plans for your future?

Are you ready to CONFIDENTLY step out of the shadows and announce 


Create AMAZING foundations, “footings” in your business to build a strong therapy business

Awesome Footsteps is an amazing 12 module course, with fabulous bonus guest speakers starting in September 2023.


KP Mastermind

You know how motivated and accomplished you felt after working with me before!

Do you want to carry those feelings into the rest of the year?

I want you to continue to feel driven and having a purpose.

Are you ready to be more productive and focused?

The KPB Mastermind could well be the answer for you especially if you are still wanting to determinedly continue stepping up in your business in determined way then the KPB Mastermind is for you.

What others are saying about Katie Page Businessology

You to Me

I have been working with Katie on a 121 basis for around 6 months now!

It’s has really helped me propel my business forward!

Katie helped me to niche down to identify my ideal clients, prioritise the tasks needed to achieve my goals and was by my side checking in on me and keeping me accountable throughout!

I honestly would not be where I am today in my business without Katie!

You to Me

I really needed some help with a strategy for planning my social media content.  It was stressing me out and getting me down.

Honestly, I can’t believe how much easier I will find things using the method kate has shared with me.

Canopy of Content

I really needed some help with a strategy for planning my social media content.  It was stressing me out and getting me down.

Honestly, I can’t believe how much easier I will find things using the method kate has shared with me.

Canopy of Content

I feel INSPIRED…  What an amazingly simple but effective way of creating a plan for my social media content!

It has been a lightbulb moment.

Canopy of Content

Katie guidance was invaluable! 

I have 4 weeks of subjects for my Social Media content, IN JUST AN HOUR!

A fabulous guided brain storm.

Create a Connection

I just want to thank you Katie for a lovely You to Me Connection this morning.
I have been feeling a little lost and lacking in motivation when it comes to promoting my business.
I found you to be so easy to chat to and felt you listened without judgement to my journey so far.
I felt very comfortable chatting to you and you have given me really helpful tips and pointers to help me move forward.
This session has helped me return to some clarity of thought and focus on where and how to proceed.

Create a Connection

On Friday I had the pleasure of talking to Katie on one of her complimentary you to me calls.
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m only just starting out but I got a lot from our chat!
Katie is warm and friendly and really easy to talk to.
She gave me some great pointers for managing finances, attracting new clients and keeping regulars happy! Thank you Katie!
Katie has a lot of great programmes available and I’m hoping to sign up at some stage when I feel a bit more established!

Create a Connection

I was lucky enough to win one of Katie’s You to Me Connections and was so pleased that I did.
Katie made me look deeper into a topic that I had always struggled with and as a result I discovered the answer to help me better target my efforts and marketing.
I have already put a few things we discussed into action and feel better equipped moving forward.
Katies passion shines through and is infectious.
Thank you Katie for giving me your wisdom and time.

Awesome Footsteps

I would highly recommend Awesome Footsteps particularly if you want to shift your mindset and get super focused and motivated to move your business forward.

Awesome Footsteps has exceeded all of my expectations, I wasn’t expecting to be able to delve so deep on each module..

It’s definitely given me lots to think about and continue to work on.

Awesome Footsteps

In true Katie style this course has a fabulous mix of mindset, business and self-care modules which all come together to really elevate your business confidence!

Katie is always fun, professional and super supportive, having the specific Facebook group was a great safe space to ask questions and share with the other course members!

Katie kept us all on track throughout with gentle reminders or check ups to see how we were getting on with the weekly tasks.

Another favourite element to the course is that once you have it, you’ve got lifetime access…there is so much I would like to revisit and this means I can do it as and when I feel I need it!

Face to Face Retreat Days

I love these face to face courses. I get so much out of it. Not only do you get to meet lovely likeminded people, but Katie has such a bubbly and interactive way of teaching.

There’s lots of information, lots of laughter and great company.

If you are thinking about potentially booking, I’d say do it.

Face to face is definitely best!!

Face to Face Working

I first started working with Katie when I attended one of her first canopy of content courses back in August 2021!

Absolutely changed my whole mindset when it came to social media…so simple and such an effective way to plan.

Since then I think I have joined her for every course she has delivered and each and every one has helped to inspire me to push myself out of my comfort zone, move my business forward and achieve my business goals. Her courses are jam packed with useful content, hints and tips and she has so much experience walking in our shoes there’s been nothing she hasn’t been able to help me with!

She has a relaxed and down to earth style which I love because she makes business tasks feel real and achievable. Not only are the courses incredible value you also get the ongoing support from Katie too!

Foolings Membership

Katie is very supportive, generous, experienced, patient, down to earth and honest, she tells you like it is and I like that.

Katie is motivational and her advice is tried and tested.

Footlings Membership

Katie has answered every single question I’ve had, and I’ve had many, and she has lived up to her name of business mentor.

Katie is very supportive, generous, experienced, patient, down to earth and honest, she tells you like it is and I like that. As a footling Katie keeps us on our toes with catch up talks, co-working and lessons in what we need at the time. Katie is motivational and her advice is tried and tested.

Being a footling feels very special and makes me feel secure as I know Katie will always give me the benefit of her years of experience


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