Revealed: I say PHUKET, I AM doing it!

I say Phuket, I share with you all the amazing things I adopted into my life to turn it from lost to found, lacking in direction to focused, and, alone to feeling resilient. Having the strength to share my knowledge and encourage others to be cheerleaders, and say I AM doing it.

I share my personal thoughts and journal to show you the journey I embraced to be who I am today.

Self doubt to CONFIDENT

Wobbles to striding out with ASSURANCE and INSPIRATION

Self sabotage to standing TALL and ACCOUNTABLE


No direction to CLARITY

Excitedly, there is a second part within my book for you to go on your own personal retreat. 8 days of 8 prompts a day, thought provoking, inspiring, enlightening, challenging but liberating, exciting and uplifting.

You can dig deep and investigate how you can:
Be INTENTIONAL with your vision for the future.
FOCUS on what is important to you over the next 90 days.
Create ACTIONABLE steps to achieve your SUCCESS.

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