Equinox Box

Spring Equinox Box

Welcome to the Equinox Box

The Equinox Box is a UK based subscription box or a one-off gift.

I am Katie Page, the Founder of the Equinox Box. I am a Reflexologist by trade and a mentor to other Reflexologists. 

I have realised that during my 15 years as a Reflexologist it’s our feet that are usually the last on the list when it comes to self-care. The one exception being summer when we book in for pedicures galore. 

I am taking those footsteps into the world of quarterly subscription boxes or a one-off gift.

This one theme in the Equinox Box will be loving your feet and this will be sprinkled with a little positivity.

Why Equinox? With each new season your needs for your feet will change, scrubs for spring summer, balms for the autumn winter, cosy socks for winter etc. 

The Equinox Box is a quarterly seasonal subscription box or a one-off gift.   Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Why about the feet? We easily forget that our feet are SO important to us.  I see peoples feet every day I am know, my included, that our feet are not our priority!  

Who will admit they do not spend enough time looking after their feet? I walk a lot and my feet take a pounding most days! As a Reflexologist you would think this would be second nature to me! I admit I should take more time looking after my feet!

Our feet hold us up, they are vital to our mobility, they are our foundation so keeping them happy and healthy is vital.

With the Equinox Box you will be able to make them your priority and your No1 best friend.

Products that I will be sourcing for the Equinox Box will be combination of the underneath.  No pesky trial sizes!

  • Creams 
  • Scrubs 
  • Balms
  • Socks
  • Bespoke Seasonal Journal
  • Cards
  • Foot shaped item 
  • Reminders as to how wonderful you are

I am enjoying sourcing these products and the best bit, sampling them all before saying yes or no to these items going into the box.  The aromas from the products fill my room daily.

Each item in the Equinox Box will be individually wrapped. It will be like your birthday every quarter unwrapping your products inside the Equinox Box.  Each item will be wrapped with care and love.  You will find beautiful and exquisite reminders within the box that make the Equinox Box so special.

Equinox Boxes are for the Feet and Mind launched in June with the amazing Summer, Autumn and Christmas boxes have been despatched recently.

The Equinox Box will last approx 3 months. 

I’ll ask you a question:  Do you love your feet enough to spend around 60p a day on them? I do and I will.

I can’t wait to share the exciting Equinox Box with all.

My numbers for the Equinox Box are limited to 25.

This is to help you buy a present for 

  • The friend who has everything that you struggle to buy for
  • Mums, Grannies, Godmothers, 
  • Teachers,  
  • Staff presents, 
  • Your loved one in your life,
  • This list is endless!

Don’t forget every item individually wrapped, all selected with care and love.  A stunning box brimming with amazing foot related products. 

Do you love your feet enough to treat them this season!